Client Comments

We really enjoy working with Gail. She is so patient with our dogs.  Our new puppy, Polly has learned obedience commands from Gail in a short time. Gail always has good suggestions for modifying behavior in our dogs that give the pups an opportunity to think through the problem and help come up with a solution.

Cindy A, Fanconia, NH

After Gail trained our little Yorkie, Kona, with complete ease and always with a soft voice and a smile, it got so if he heard her voice on the phone when I called about appointments, he would go crazy leaping and wagging his tail a mile a minute. Kona adores her. It is great that she does private lessons, too. and comes to your house so you can work on teaching the doggie what is expected of him at home.

I have seen her with many dogs and they seem to just take to her at once. Her Vet Tech background we found very reassuring because we could call her at any time if something was worrying us about our little guys health.

I should mention that many people have told me I am the most anxious “Mommy” on the planet when it comes to our little guy. Well—yeah, I AM.

But in his 9 years of life there is NO-ONE else that I have trusted to take care of him on the three or four occasions when he could not come with us. Except Gail that is. I know he will be safe and happy with her. A big plus is she just laughs when I call eight times a day to be sure he is doing OK.

You can’t do better if you are looking for a trainer, a boarder, and someone so kind hearted you will want her for a friend.

Mena Mitchell Stark, NH

When we first got Rusty, our little Pom, we were concerned about his behavior towards other people. We hired Gail because of this problem. She has turned Rusty around to a loving pet.

She also has helped us with another pup, Tucker. He did not know any of the basic commands and Gail has helped us teach Tucker how to be a good little dog.

I highly recommend Gail basic training and any other problems you may have with you dog. She is a terrific instructor for both you and your pet.

Nancy Seavey, Jefferson, NH

My 6 year old dog is currently in private obedience training with Gail. She exceeds my expectations with her training skills and techniques. Her lessons consist of alot of training in one hour. Conrad seems to learn quickly from her and enjoys being with her. I would recommend her to anyone, and I would definitely use her to board conrad or for doggy daycare.

Rosemarie Lawlor, Littleton, NH

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